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CMP Reliner MSP Cement • Data SheetMSDS

CMP Reliner MSP Cement is a polymer - modified cement with Geopolymer for corrugated metal pipes, concrete pipes and masonry. The high performance cement with densified microsilica powder, pozzolanic materials, and other select admixtures is designed for both new and existing CMP and concrete pipes and rehabilitates inverts and pipe shells, and provides abrasion resistance in storm water drainage constructions; and protects against corrosion in sewerage works.

The Reliner MSP® Cement is a blend of polymer modified Portland cement, a dry microsilica powder, polypropylene fiber and other selective admixtures that impart greater workability and control during placement. The cement is designed to restore structural integrity in brick, corrugated metal pipe culverts, concrete, and Fiberglas infrastructure.

Performance and Application
Centrifugally apply the Reliner MSP® Cement and topcoat with the Standard 4553™ Epoxy Coating to achieve the best performance with predictable results every time, and increased service life in sanitary and storm water systems.

Get real results, and eliminate deteriorated and water leakage that interrupts your repair crews:

  • Provides corrosion protection.
  • Repair manholes, head works and deteriorated concrete lift station surfaces.
  • Seal pipe ends, smooth walls, renovate CMP Pipe Culverts
  • Repair water clarifiers, containment boxes, sumps, and bridge columns.

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